Second Square To None

Right here is the first of the exclusive Second Square To None Monday downloads.

"Journey through Sprung Land while sipping hot whiskey and wrapped in warm yellow blankets. Occasionally noise blurs and blizzards obstruct your view; sonic squirrels throw rocks but miss. Wooded valleys loom as dusk approaches, and then!'s over.

  • #1 toy megaphone
  • #1 home-made baritone zither with multiple pick-ups
  • #1 Mac laptop running Ableton Live
  • #1 dictaphone with a tape I made about 10 years ago - prank phone calls etc.
  • #1 distortion effect
  • #1 autopan effect
  • #1 pitch shifter effect
  • #1 loop sampler
  • #1 8 channel mixer
  • #1 Ed Devane
This was the first liveset to be played at Second Square to None, on a freezing cold Sunday at the end of November 2008. There were no heaters in the Joy Gallery and only a handful of people in attendance (for it was 12.30pm)."

Slideshow has artwork by Redmonk that accompanies this release. Check back tomorrow for hi-res pdf of complete artwork.


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  1. colin On 11 June 2009 at 18:12

    my ears are enjoying this very much!


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