Second Square To None

Just to say again, anyone who makes music, art or any permutation of those two loose descriptions of creative output, get in touch if you think you're good enough! We are especially interested in meeting folk who make visuals / video art, people who do interesting things with lights / dynamic colour and folk willing to do cover artwork for our mini-label. If you're reading this and don't do any of those things but know someone who might, let them know.

Samples of work/links can be sent here.
Audio can be uploaded to our Drop Box on Soundcloud.

Depending on people's willingness to invest time and effort we'd like to facilitate one-off multimedia projects at our gigs, by allowing artist of different expertise to work together. For instance a music maker teams up with a video artist to create thematically linked music/visuals; instrumentalists ("real" musicians!) work with studio boffins (those of us more comfortable making/performing music with the help of a computer) and lighting artists make a surround sound synaesthetic wonderland in a dingy nightclub; web designers versed in interactive visual software work with sound designers versed in generative audio software to make audience-controlled interactive entities etc. etc. etc.

Unemployed post-grad media students and creative veterans alike we want you.

No jobs, no future, just loads of time that could be spent doing something constructive while you wait for your dole to come through and the combination of swine flu, nuclear war, starvation etc. to really throw salt in the recession wound! Woopee!

Call back here, or check the RSS feed for those of you into that sort of thing.

Team Second Square to None

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