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Line-up for SSTN_5 August 9th

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We've confirmed the line-up for the next Second Square to None gig in Twisted Pepper on Sunday 9th August.


Ramshackle Rat Liver
(Rumour has it Ramshackle Rat Liver is an alias of Prince Kong''s what he says:)

From the dribbled minds of monkeys with delusions of grandeur spews Ramshackle Rat Liver. Raised in Austria, educated in Neverland, Liver seems to be enjoying new found freedom oozing out random noises built up by years kein ohr sache, smeared with a touch of ALS living. A Family project originally, now all but abandoned and cold can it survive feeding on a diet of sine and square?
Mutated genes of the world unite in support of your new found bacterial sloth!!

(Another alias, this time from "nu-school techno" producer Rory St. John in dub mode)

Uninerves is a new producer exploring the deeper side of electronic music. As a strict rule of thumb, Uninerves insists on using only hardware, software, recording equipment, electronics and acoustics to create sounds. A forthcoming debut on Mantrap's 'Trapdoor Materials' series is soon to be released, and remixes available from digital download stores. Visuals are being prepared for Uninerves by media whiz Fran Hartnett.

Boys of Summer
Boys of Summer feature A.Fogarty (Toymonger/Weil Rats), I.Pawle (Sea Dog/Scented Candle) & PG Symth (Jimmy Cake). Look forward to them unleashing some hellish slow synth ecstasy.

Scurvy Lass
Scurvy Lass is Dublin-based cellist and vocalist Niamh de Barra. She started life as a classical pianist, but now records and layers cello and vocal samples to make noisy electronic songs with words and (some) beats. Visuals will be provided by Aoife de Burca.

Fyed = Fyodor and Ed Devane. Both used to play in John Mary Trilogy before moving on to other projects. Now they are heavily into making noisescapes and will be presenting a set of constantly shifting layers of sound generated from feedback processes, loop pedals, pick-ups etc. The lads plan to make the most of the new Void PA in Twisted Pepper so be prepared for a total assault across the entire frequency spectrum. Visuals will be made in conjunction with the music by Amanda Feery.


t-woc has been building dubby beats for over ten years now, with a slew of releases under his belt for the Alphabet Set (which he co-operates), Net-lab/Wrong music, All City and 3style records. t-woc uses a combination of modern digital production, vintage analogue outboard gear and live dub mixing techniques to bring his tracks to life. He also is a regular selector with the Irish roots reggae crew, Rootical Soundsystem, co-runs Dublin's dubstep monthly club 'Wobble', DJs with the Irish B-Music branch and also hosts a weekly radio show on Dublin's Irish language station Radio na Life 106.4fm.

Having put livesets to the side for the time being, T-Woc DJs a mix of his own productions, exclusive dubplates and other riddims past and present that take his fancy.

Paul Watts
One of the Lazybird label / event organisers, Paul Watts has a mind-boggling knowledge and collection of all types of music which he will be playing in the front bar of Twisted Pepper. Involved in running the legendary weekly Lazybird gigs for several years in the International Bar, and subsequently one-off gigs in Anseo and Twisted Pepper, Paul helped bring many underground / experimental acts to Dublin. Alongside fellow Lazybird organiser Neil Donovan he hosts a weekly radio show on Power FM called Radio-Inactivity (Sundays from 1-3pm on

Neil Donovan
Another Lazybird promoter with access to the kinds of weird and wonderful musics we like to have playing at our gigs. Alongside Paul Watts he co-hosts the Radio-Inactivity show on


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