Second Square To None

Very exciting liveset here, Legion of Two recorded at SSTN7 on 20 Dec. After releasing one of the albums of the year ('Riffs' on Planet Mu) we were extremely excited to hear what they had in store live and they did not disappoint. Their sound is an immense wall of sound with grinding rhythms & dense textures that are built for live performance. It inhabits a dark world somewhere between industrial techno and noise-rock with all the visceral live impact that you expect from the superbly executed combination of live electronics and drums. We strongly advise you to check them out live but in the meantime, listen to this set and turn it up loud.

The latest Irish act to get signed to The Best Electronica Label In The World, Planet-Mu, Legion of Two consist of 2 veterans of the Irish underground, Alan O'Boyle and David Lacey. Alan is best known for his work as Decal, with releases on Planet Mu and Rotters Golf Club among others, and David has played in scores of bands and is active on the improv scene in Dublin for many years. Based on that description you might expect Legion of Two to be some sort of electro jazz crossover, but this is not the case. Slow, heavy synth bass riffs collide with stoner metal drums while scorched dronetones interweave above. Epic stuff! Their album Riffs is available now from any record shop worth its salt.

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