Second Square To None

Fresh off the presses, this is Ed's liveset from his album launch on Saturday in Kennedy's. Featuring heavy dance floor tunes combining twisted beats with warped textures generated from his custom-built zither, this set perfectly encapsulates that brain-melting quality that Ed specialises in that makes you want to dance yourself to bits aswell as listen to the intricacies of the music. (Photo by Melissa.)

His debut long player 'Molten Membrane' is available in Spin Dizzy this week, with announcements to follow about outside of Dublin availability.

This is my new liveset, or at least one version of it. As always rough in places, both stylistically and in terms of musicianship. Ahem.
The point of making a liveset is to play it really loud on a big sound gimme gigs!
1. Arcane (Molten Membrane, Mantrap)
2. Paths (possibly forthcoming on Second Square to None / SSTN)
3. Squib (possibly forthcoming on Second Square to None / SSTN)

4. Brain Your Melt (version) (Molten Membrane)
5. Chalktown Bounce Collision (currently homeless)
6. Get My Way (version) (in another form on Molten Membrane)
7. Playtime (forthcoming on !kaboogie)
8. Frozen Backpackers (Trapdoor Material 2, Mantrap)
9. Doomtime (Molten Membrane)
10. Future (forthcoming on Takeover)
11. 2C-me (forthcoming on Takeover)
12. Stand Clear (currently homeless)
13. Brain Your Melt (another version)(Molten Membrane)

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