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Digger - Brookfield Grime EP out now!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010 0 comments

Digger's long awaited Brookfield Grime EP has landed!
Heavy Dublin bass business with remixes from Piratio, Scheme Boy and SSTN's very own Kachanski.

Check out the title tune:
<a href="">Brookfield Grime (Kidnap the Senator) by Digger</a>

Available now for free or voluntary donation from Bandcamp.
Download Brookfield Grime!

Digger are Knack Daddy and Xim, from Mullingar/Dublin. They are very old friends and have made music together for years. Digger is a new project started in 2010 after a while apart.

They are already making waves on the Irish and UK bass music scene, having drawn praise from leading lights like Boxcutter and Kuedo (aka Jamie Vex'd).

Their tune Helicopter was also featured in Hip Hop wunderkind Loops Haunt's Strange Fruit mix.
Check it out here: Strange Fruit Mix Vol. 1

With releases and remixes scheduled for Meljoann's new BoyScout Audio label, Scheme Boy, SSTN and Niamh de Barra they have a busy year ahead.

For music, gig listings and booking enquiries catch Digger on facebook and MySpace:
Digger Facebook
Digger MySpace

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