Second Square To None

  Square Waves 2.2 ROCK!!!...ish... by SquareWaves

Year 2 Show 2: tracklist and info
Artist: Fantomas
From: California in the US
Track: 18/04/05 Monday
Album: Suspended Animation
Label: ipecac
From: Mike Pattons label from California
Year: 2005
Notes: Formed in 1998 by Mike Patton of Faith No More fame, he is joined by guitarist Buzz Osborne of the Melvins, bassist Trevor Dunn of Mr Bungle, and Drummer Dave Lombardo of Slayer. Suspended Animation was their last release, worth checking out is The Directors Cut from 2001 and Fantomas the debut album from 1998. Also Mike Patton’s albums and collaborations released either on the ipecac imprint or John Zorn’s Tszadik label.

Artist: Boredoms
From: Osaka Japan
Track: Super Roots 7 (Boriginal)
Album: Super Roots 7
Label: Very Friendly
From: London based extension of Cargo Records
Year: Originally released on Warner Music in 1998, rereleased on very friendly in 2007
Notes: The Boredoms were formed in 1986 by Yamantaka Eye, they have since traversed a myriad of musical styles and genres, from their early absurdist noise punk, to their recent obsession with tribal drumming. Their most recent release is Super Roots 10 released on the Commons Label, highly recommended is their 2004 album Seadrum House of Sun which was partially recorded underwater.

Artist: Lightning Bolt
From: Rhode Island
Track: The Sublime Freak
Album: Earthly Delights
Label: Load
From: Rhode Island
Year: 2009
Notes: Lightning Bolt is a 2-piece drums-and-bass band from Providence, Rhode Island, USA, featuring Brian Chippendale on drums and vocals, and Brian Gibson on bass. Chippendale is also involved in Mindflayer and has a solo effort called Black Pus, recommended viewing is the documentary on them made by Pitchfork.

Artist: Comets On Fire
From: Santa Cruz, California
Track: The Antlers of the midnight sun
Album: Blue Cathedral
Label: Sub Pop Records
From: Olympia Washington in the US
Year: 2004
Notes: Formed in 1999 by Ethan Miller - guitar, vocals, with
Noel von Harmonson - echoplex
Ben Flashman - bass
Ben Chasny – guitar, Utrillo Kushner - drums
A Staple of the New American Folk Rock revival, they have since released a few limited edition albums including a split ep with Burning Star Core and the full length album Avatar in 2006.

Artist: Adebisi Shank
From: Wexford Ireland
Track: Genki Shank
Album: This is the second album of a band called Adebisi Shank
Label: Ritcher Collective
From: Dublin
Year: August 2010
Notes: Adebisi Shank are playing the button factory on the 20th of November, well worth heading along to.

Artist: Boris
From: Tokyo, Japan
Track: Pseudo- Bread
Album: Pink
Label: Southern Lord
From: Los Angeles
Year: 2005
Notes: Boris are a Japanese sludge/doom metal band formed in 1992 in Tokyo Their name is taken from a melvins song. They traverse many music genres, including doom metal, drone, pop, noise, punk and more. They have also released fantastic collaborations with Merzbow and Sunn 0))) Their most recent releases include Japanese Heavy Rock Hits volumes 1 – 4, also released on Southern Lord and Variations, released on Daymare Recordings.

Artist: Swans
From: New York
Track: My Birth
Album: My father will guide me up a rope to the sky
Label: Young God Records,
From: New York
Year: 2010
Notes: Founded by Michael Gira in 1982, disbanded in 1997, the Swans have reformed for this new release on Gira’s own record label Young God, which has released works by Swans, Gira’s band Angels of Light, Devendra Banhart, and Akron/Family since 1990. Recommended works by the earlier Swans would be the Great Annihilator and Public Castration Is A Good Idea. Swans are playing The Button Factory This Friday with Support from the great James Blackshaw.

Artist: Bardo Pond
From: Philadelphia
Track: Endurance
Album: Ticket Crystals
Label: ATP records
From: London, formed as a n extension of the All Tomorrows Parties music festival.
Year: 2006
Notes: Formed in 1991 Bardo Pond features Michael Gibbons (guitar)
John Gibbons (guitar)
Isobel Sollenberger (flute and vocals)
Clint Takeda (bass guitar)
Jason Kourkonis (drums)
Aaron Igler (synth/electronics)
They have since released five full length albums, the most recent of which is called Peri, on the Three Lobed Recordings label in 2009.

Artist: Children Under Hoof
From: Donegal, Limerick, Wicklow, Meath and Dublin
Track: A Collar Can become A Noose
Album: A Collar Can Become A noose
Label: A Free Nute Records
Year: May 2010
Notes: Dublin band features Robyn Bromfield also in Catscars, Gerard Duffy also in School Tour, Patrick Kelleher also in patrick kelleher, Barry Semple also in Ixchel and Paul Vesey also in Mantle Piss. Will be playing in the Lower Deck Pub, Portabello on the 30th of October and this album is available for free download at

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