Second Square To None

Preview tracks from Ed's forthcoming EP on Takeover Records. Love these mid-tempo stompers, lots of room for eerie textures and industrial grit. First solo release since his album earlier this year, check it out on Mantrap.

  Ed Devane - Squib by takeover recordings

Info from Takeover Soundcloud:
Squib leads off with gritty midrange breaks like a slightly more fucked up Surgeon/Counterbalance release, teasing us with a 4 to the floor kick, before dropping it all in alongside some otherworldly chimes and drones. At this point i'm thinking Velvet Underground go techno, and the track becomes a joyous sea of frequencies to abandon yourself in. Surreal and exhilarating.

Ed Devane - 2Cme by takeover recordings

Hear alternate versions and insight from the man himself in a blog post over on

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