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Square Waves 2.9: Songs and Other Things... by SquareWaves

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Artist: United Bible Studies
From: Ireland
Track: The Lowlands of Holland
Album: The Jonah
Label: Camera Obscura
From: Austrailia
Year: 2009
Notes: : constantly changing collective of Irish musicians mainly based in Dubin, the usual players are Aine O'Dwyer, David Colohan, Gavin Prior, Ivan Pawle (2), James Rider, Michael Tanner, Richard Moult and are involved in loads of other groups such as Agitated radio Pilot, Plinth, Toymonger, Boys of Summer. Visit Bandcamp to download the excellent The Kitchen Session ep.

Artist: Richard Youngs
From: Glasgow based born in England
Track: Life on a Beam
Album: The Naïve Shaman
Label: Jagjaguwar
From: Indiana USA
Year: 2005
Notes: Richard youngs is a prolific multiinstrumentalist, who has since released 17 albums covering a variety of musical styles. He collaborates with a variety of artists and has recently released a triple cd compilation of 20 years collaboration with Simon Wickham Smith on VHF records.

Artist: Nick Cave and Warren Ellis
From: Austrailia
Track: The Rider no.2
Album: The Proposition OST
Label: Mute Records
Year: 2005

Artist: Daniel Padden & Sarah Kensington
From: Glasgow
Track: Slide Until Sleep
Album: The Bellow Switch
Label: Shadazz
From: Glasgow
Year: 2009
Notes: Sarah Kenchington makes and plays remarkable mechanical instruments, These include a selection of huge brass instruments played via a network of valves and tractor inner-tubes, an enormous spinning-drum kalimba, and her own version of a Hurdy-Gurdy - a pedal-powered string instrument
Daniel Padden (of Volcano The Bear and The One Ensemble) recorded Sarah playing the instruments, and sang one or two tracks.

Artist: Mitchell Akiyama
From: Montreal Canada
Track: Small Explosions that are Yours to keep
Album: Small Explosions that are Yours to keep
Label: Sub Rosa
From: Belgium
Year: 2005
Notes: known for his electronic deconstructions of traditional instrumental music. He records compositions and improvisations for piano, strings, and other instruments, and restructures them in his studio. This is his most recent full length.

Artist: Strountes
From: Sweden
Track: As if Caught
Album: Strountes
Label: Slottet records
From: Sweden
Year: 2006
Notes: Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Saxophone [Slide] - Mats Gustafsson
Electric Guitar, Violin [Homemade], Electronics [Contact Mic], Theremin [Pocket] - Anla Courtis
Trumpet - Magnus Broo
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Toy [Toy Piano] - Maria Eriksson

Artist: Peter Wright
From: New Zealand, Based in England
Track: Pendulum
Album: Yellow Horizon
Label: PseudoArcana
From: New Zealand
Year: 2005
Notes: Another prolific artist

Artist: Lau Nau
From: Finnland
Track: Vuoren Laelle
Album: Nukkuu
Label: Locust
From: Chicago USA
Year: 2008
Notes: : Plays with numerous other bands in the Finnish folk underground, for more info go to

Artist: Xavier Charles
From: France
Track: State of Shock, by The Ex
Album: Sunday Covers, from his website
Notes: French clarinet player, has collaborated with the likes of Otomo Yoshihide, John Butcher, The Ex, and many more. This song is from his website’s Sunday Covers tab where he tackles tracks by Brian Eno, The Cure, Talkingheads, Neil Young, Prince, David Bowie and more on his clarinet, great stuff. His most recent solo album is called Invisible, released on sofa.

Artist: Robert Wyatt
From: Bristol in England
Track: Del Mondo
Album: Comicopera
Label: Domino Recording Co.
From: London
Year: 2007
Notes: Robert Wyatt is the founding member of Soft Machine and Matching Mole, and has released around eleven albums under his own name, Comicopera was voted wire album of the year 2007.

Artist: Alessandro Bosetti
From: Milan Italy
Track: Signora Relax (Tagalog, Aweli, and Fernando)
Album: Zwolfzungen (12 portraits of languages I don’t understand)
Label: Sedimental
From: Boston
Year: 2010
Notes: Almost all his work in sound art has been based on the musicality of speech, on investigating the sonic qualities of interactions, misunderstanding, and translation. So far, he produced pieces for radio, electro-acoustic compositions, and pieces for ensemble and installations. Recorded at various locations during 2006, this particular track was recorded near Como in Italy, the language is from the Philippines. The rest of the album features languages such as Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Zulu, Cherokee, Urdu, Basque and more, cut up and accompanied in different styles.

Artist: Oren Ambarchi
From: Austrailia
Track: Iron Waves
Album: Intermission 2000-2008
Label: Touch
From: London
Year: 2009
Notes: Mainly works with guitar, reworking it so that it is no longer recognizable.
Most recent release is live at Corsica Studios, released on Touch
This particular track is a remix of Paul Duncan’s ‘Parasail’ from ‘Above The Trees’. It was recorded in Sydney in 2008.

Artist: Bjork
From: Iceland
Track: Storm
Album: Drawing Restraint 9 OST
Label: One Little Indian
From: London
Year: 2005
Notes: This is the soundtrack music from Matthew’s Barney’s Drawing Restraint 9. The album also features Bjork playing with Will Oldham, Zeena Parkins, Nico Muhly, Mark Bell, Akira Rabelais and Leila

Artist: Avey Tare & Kría Brekkan
From: New York
Track: Who Welsses In My Hoff
Album: Pullhair Rubeye
Label: Paw Tracks
From: Washington DC
Year: 2007
Notes: Avey Tare & Kría Brekkan are Dave Portner of Animal Collective and Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir, formerly of múm. The two started playing music together in the summer of 2005 and shortly after they were married.

Artist: Matt Elliott
From: England
Track: The Guilty Party
Album: Drinking Songs
Label: Ici d’ailleurs
From: France
Year: 2004
Notes: Matt Elliott is the man behind The Third Eye Foundation, a new album has been released by the latter in 2010. Drinking Songs is the second full length album released under his own name, he has since released Failing Songs, Howling Songs and Failed Songs. All very cheery indeed, much of the material laments the dire state of the world under capitalism and calls for a revolution. Great stuff.

Artist: leafcutter John
From: London
Track: Seba
Album: The Forest and The Sea
Label: Staubgold
From: Germany
Year: 2006
Notes: The Forest and the Sea is Leafcutter John’s most recent full length release, he tours the album with a three piece band and regularly improvises with other artists, builds instruments and creates installations. For more info go to

Artist: Ekkehard Ehlers
From: Germany
Track: Maria & Martha
Album: A Life Without Fear
Label: Staubgold
From: Berlin
Year: 2006
Notes: In addition to his solo career, he has recorded under the monikers Auch, Betrieb and Ferdinand Fehlers and as a member of the duo Autopoesies and his band März. He has collaborated with the likes of Stephan Mathieu, Joseph Suchy and Paul Wirkus. This track features Joseph Suchy on Guitar and Balafon; Franz Hautzinger on Trumpet; Howard Katz Fireheart on Vocals and Mouthharp; Bjorn Gottstein on Viola; Ekkehard Ehlers on Processing and Amps.

Artist: Niamh de Barra
From: Dublin
Track: Young Bones
Album: Cusp ep
Label: Second Square to None
From: Dublin
Year: 2010
Notes: Niamh de Barra on cello, voice and electronics, Cusp can be downloaded for whatever you’d like to pay for it from bandcamp at, for more info, dates and the like, go to

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