Second Square To None

Swarm Intelligence productions keep going from strength-to-strength. Check out this recent set on Mantis Radio for quality twitchy broken beat and jagged industrial flavours, tasty stuff.


Hour 1 / DVNT

Mentally Unfocused – Something Out of Nothing [dub]
The Eerier Child – Thir13en Ghosts [Mindtrick Records]
Sunken Foal – Pearl Bearings [Acroplane]
FZV – 54rlbrks [Anathematica Recordings]
FZV – muffdub [Anathematica Recordings]
Xi – Nitelite [XLR8R]
Bas Mooy – Play Dead (Remix 1 the short edit) [Planet Rhythm]
Marcel Dettman – Shift (Norman Nodge remix) [Ostgut]
Coefficient – Inflation Expansion [Labrynth] forthcoming
Dark Vektor – Wires [Titan´s Halo Records]
Point B – Headland (Dead Sound remix) [Combat Recordings]
Threnody – Dirt Box [dub]
Valta and Minikin – Bad Man [Rag and Bone]
Blackmass Plastics – Blue Velvet [Furioso] forthcoming
Monoloc – Nohouse (Xhin remix) [Sleaze]
Blackmass Plastics – Lickshit [Furioso] forthcoming
Midfield General – Coatnoise (Dave Clarke remix) [SKINT]
Inigo Kennedy – Albedo [Asymmetric]
Coefficient – Nonlinear Phase Event [Labrynth] forthcoming
Altered Natives vs LFO – LFO []
Inigo Kennedy – Skedaddle [Asymmetric]
Justin Berkovi – Backshredding (Forward Strategy Group remix) [Perc Trax]
The Exaltics – Journey to Jupiter [Solar One Music]
Automatic Tasty – Free All Parties Now [dub]


Swarm Intelligence – Intro
Swarm Intelligence – Once Bitten [Invisible Agent] forthcoming
Swarm Intelligence – Locus [dub]
Swarm Intelligence – Repart [dub]
Swarm Intelligence – Fighting Talk (VIP Mix) [dub]
Swarm Intelligence – On the Edge [Invisible Agent] forthcoming
Swarm Intelligence – Arretax [dub]
Swarm Intelligence – Gomb [dub]
Swarm Intelligence – Phases [Transporta]
Swarm Intelligence – Hcdoer [dub]
Swarm Intelligence – Skrote [!Kaboogie]
Swarm Intelligence – Squenl [Stasis] forthcoming
Swarm Intelligence – Black Parsed [Stasis] forthcoming
Swarm Intelligence – Adverb [dub]
Lady Grew – DC Napoleon (Swarm Intelligence remix) [Ghetto Quietly] forthcoming
Swarm Intelligence – Fousoc [Section 27] forthcoming
Beastie Boys – Intergalactic (Swarm Intelligence Mash-Up) [dub]
Swarm Intelligence – Pygmi [dub]


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